How To Monetize Your Instagram Account In 9 Easy Steps

How To Monetize Your Instagram Account In 9 Easy Steps

Instagram was once just a mobile photo-sharing app with a small team behind it. The social networking site has grown into a behemoth, with over a billion members now. Ranks high among Instagram users’ most sought-after answers.

With over 100 million unique monthly users and over 300 million active users contributing images and videos every day, Instagram is now ranked 7th on the list of the Top 15 Most Popular Social Networking Sites.

Instagram has announced that they would be introducing a new feature before the end of the year, and it is targeted adverts that appear on user’s photo feeds.

1. Gather a dedicated fan base, and get to work!

Having a large number of followers on social media is closely correlated with the success of your marketing efforts.

No matter how you got there, as long as you have a lot of followers on Instagram, your marketing efforts will be successful. More means more “sightings,” or potential customers, and more potential revenue.

Multiple strategies exist for attracting more Instagram followers. Melyssa Griffin has pointed out several tried-and-true methods, like liking relevant photographs, interacting with other users, soliciting followers, holding competitions, and more.

You should also follow and make use of a number of relevant hashtags in your field.

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2. Include a link to your blog in every post.

If you want to make money on Instagram, you need to include links to your products and your blog.

You must always include calls to action with any media you distribute.

Add a tag or number to the item in case that helps them find it more easily.

Instagram doesn’t support active links at the moment, so users will have to manually copy and paste the URL into their browser.

3. Showcase your best photos

Instagram’s original purpose hasn’t changed despite the app’s expansion.

Nothing can attract potential customers or increase your earnings like stunning photos.

Use eye-catching visuals to convey your brand’s message to your audience. Put your items on display, share your brand’s origin story, edit photos, and think beyond the box.

As an example, if you run a gym membership business, you may flaunt photos of attractive men working out. If you run a yoghurt distribution business, promote your wares by uploading photos of the finished product and suggesting alternative uses for the yoghurt.

4. Watch some videos

A movie has hundreds upon thousands of still images; how many words does that make it worth? The math is up to you.

Instagram’s newest feature is the ability to share 15-second videos, putting it in direct rivalry with the market leader, Vine.

Write a letter to your followers in which you explain why they should buy your new product. Maybe you could show us your creative process in a quick, 15-second video.

5. Engage your audience.

Many of your fans and followers will gladly spread the word about your business in exchange for some publicity—specifically, a shout-out on your profile. Use this method to outsource original, high-quality material while simultaneously interacting with your audience.

Encourage your audience to submit content in any form they see fit, be it a photo or video showcasing their use of your product or anything else. You may provide discounts on items, a little incentive, or maybe just some brand exposure to the top submissions.

6. Set up competitions or gatherings

You’re probably hosting a nice campaign or event, so utilise that to your advantage and encourage people to like and follow your photographs.

Provide limited-time offers and remind them that time is running out (urgency sells!).

You may also convert contest participants into buyers by offering exclusive discounts or deals to your followers. To enter the drawing, have them double-tap or tag a friend.

7. Collect client endorsements

Encourage satisfied customers to share media they’ve created while using your product.

Social proof in the form of a few well-placed photographs, videos, or testimonials may be quite effective.

8. Put a swayer to work for you.

What a lucky duck you are if you know a famous person like Kim Kardashian!

Unfortunately, though, not everyone can follow the Kardashians on Instagram.

Other Instagram celebrities, though, are considerably easier to get in touch with. Women’s clothing retailers, for instance, would do well to get into the audiences of influential bloggers, business owners, and social media pros.

9. An app exists to solve any problem.

Get yourself an app to help you out a lot!

There is a bewildering selection of Instagram marketing aids available nowadays.
Get your ideal audience to follow you on Instagram by interacting with them.

Provide Instagram users with detailed information about their profile, including the amount of likes and comments they’ve accumulated, the popularity of their photographs, the rate at which their following is expanding, and more.