What Are The Top Instagram Auditing Tools For Your Clients?

What Are The Top Instagram Auditing Tools For Your Clients?

Where do you acquire these numbers, though, when you’re given the reigns to expand a client’s Instagram account? When do you recommend posting? What kind of content does your customer find most interesting to their Instagram followers? How quickly is your customer’s fan base expanding

A quick examination of the Instagram account is all that’s required. This will allow you to establish a baseline from which future development may be correctly measured in comparison to industry norms.

This post will teach you the value of doing an Instagram page audit for your clients and walk you through the straightforward procedures required to do so. Finally, I’ll demonstrate five resources you can use immediately to begin doing social media audits for your customers.

Exactly why Conduct an Instagram Audit?

If you have clients and are asking why you should spend hours reviewing their Instagram profiles, keep reading.

Some of the ways in which doing an audit of your Instagram profile might improve outcomes for you and your clients is detailed below.

First, it helps you better comprehend your client’s fan base.

You have some great suggestions for expanding your client’s followers. If the account in issue has grown its following dishonestly, say by using bots, then none of these suggestions will work.

What’s the big deal here?

Well, phoney followers distort your engagement data, which makes it tough to strategy out an effective content plan for your client’s Instagram audience.

Second, it clarifies the company’s approach to content marketing.

You need to know how your clients’ content has performed in the past before you can successfully implement any changes.

Which kind of material tend to do the best?

What made this piece of material successful when others did not?
An Instagram profile audit provides conclusive answers to such inquiries.

This manner, you may save time by not producing Instagram posts that will be ignored by your client’s followers.

Third, you may use it to help your customers’ Instagram accounts.

Your client’s Instagram visitors will receive the intended message from a properly optimised profile. This makes it easy for everyone to see what the profile is about and how they may benefit from interacting with the business.

You may improve conversion rates and push your client’s marketing goals forward by doing an Instagram page audit and analysing key elements like the profile’s theme, bio, profile photo, highlights, link in bio, etc.

Checking up on your devotees

Take Ghost Data’s finding into account: 10% of Instagram accounts are automated.

If 10% of your clients’ followers on Instagram are false, it will be very difficult to accurately assess the health of their accounts. You don’t want your efforts to go in vain because that might result in dissatisfied customers.

Look for insincere fans.

False followers are more frequent than you may assume, as evidenced by the data from Ghost Data. Instagram accounts may buy a seemingly endless amount of bot followers from a variety of companies, who then use those followers to increase their revenue.

Some of these bots even try to mimic real-life behaviour by following other accounts. Finding and removing these inauthentic users from your clients’ Instagram accounts should be your first order of business when doing a follower audit.

Get to know the people that follow your clients.

Without any knowledge, however rudimentary, about your clients’ Instagram audience, your plan would be useless. This is one of the most important takeaways you can hope to gain from an Instagram audit.

Instagram Insights, a built-in feature of the app, should be all you need. It may be used to learn about the make-up of your target market. What they enjoy and don’t like may be deduced from this.

Content auditing for paying clients

Instagram’s declining organic engagement means that even seemingly little details may be the content strategy’s undoing. Due to increased competition, it is now more vital than ever to carefully consider the timing of your posts, the content of your captions, and the message you send about your company as a whole on Instagram.

The purpose of an Instagram content audit is to identify the types of posts that are most popular with followers. Your Instagram approach will benefit from this.

Verify the quality of the content.

How well does your customer make use of Instagram’s features? Instagram is primarily a photo-sharing app. Because of this, you should review the quality of previous content your customer has uploaded.

Do the pictures and videos look clear or pixelated?

Subpar visual content gives the wrong impression about the company. Because customers want to do business with reputable companies, they are likely to ignore your material in favour of something more interesting.


You should have a concrete plan for moving forward by the time you complete evaluating your client’s Instagram account.

Also, chill out if you’re finding that it’s taking too long or you’re just not grasping it. The more audits you conduct, the more proficient and efficient you will become, much to the delight of your clients.

After careful consideration, we’d be happy to advise you on how to best manage your client’s Instagram account.