How To Drive Traffic Through Instagram Sponsored Posts?

How To Drive Traffic Through Instagram Sponsored Posts?

When you consider that Instagram has over a billion monthly active users who spend 30 minutes each day on the platform, you can see just how much potential it has.

And it’s not just shoppable stories and Instagram advertisements that can drive traffic to your e-commerce site. Paid promotion on Instagram can significantly increase clickthroughs.

Doubt their ability to succeed? Here are two more Instagram-related numbers to consider:

  • Over half a million people use Instagram as a means of promotion.
  • Half of all Instagram users have clicked on to a company’s website to buy anything they saw promoted on the photo-sharing app.
  • Therefore, you might be onto something by combining the reach of paid partnerships (formerly known as sponsored posts) with the power of Instagram itself to drive visitors.

When Should You Use Instagram Sponsored Posts?

You can create and pay for a sponsored post on Instagram through your Facebook Ads Manager, with the help of an Instagram influencer, or with the help of a brand partner.

Aiming towards,

  • Assist you in expanding your niche audience.
  • Take advantage of Instagram profiles that have a significant number of active followers.
  • Attract potential buyers to your store again.
  • In a nutshell, they can reach more people and get more leads that are ready to buy.

Millions of sponsored posts are published every year, and this number continues to rise rapidly as influencer marketing gains popularity.
Due to the meteoric rise in popularity of influencer marketing and sponsored posts, Instagram released its Branded Content tool to help content producers (including celebrities, influencers, public figures, and publishers) and their commercial partners automate influencer marketing and better track insights.
Sponsorships on Instagram have the potential to be highly productive. They are pricey, but well worth it. The key is to tailor your approach to your own goals, brand identities, and target market, and then test, test, test!

MeUndies is one example of an online retailer that has mastered this strategy. As part of their larger Instagram advertising and content marketing strategy, they make heavy use of sponsored posts and UGC.

Even better would be if you could capitalise on significant specialised trending. One example of a highly successful Instagram sponsorship campaign is presented below.

Instagram ads typically take the form of paid collaborations. While influencer marketing is important, it is also important to consider Instagram ads. Let’s delve in a little farther.

Instagram business partnerships — what are they?

In a nutshell, an Instagram influencer or creator can be paid to promote your brand by sharing posts with their following.

To put it another way, working with influencers in specific niches allows you to connect with their followers on Instagram while also expanding your reach.

The return on investment (ROI) for a paid partnership might be enormous.

For instance, Gap promoted their New Ease line and increased traffic to their online store by using influencer marketing in the form of Instagram in-feed posts, Story advertising, and Reels content.

What About Instagram Ads and Enhanced Posts?

Instagram pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns and boosted posts can be a part of your influencer sponsored post strategy, albeit a smaller part.

Paid advertisements assist producers ensure that their sponsored or paid partnership posts on Instagram are seen by the widest potential audience.

Brands may need to launch retargeting tactics to nudge these newly identified consumers deeper into their purchasing decisions. They might promote their own posts to increase exposure, or they can promote the posts of a partner online store as part of a co-branding strategy.

The Price of a sponsored post on Instagram

Generally speaking, eCommerce companies can expect to pay roughly $100 every 10,000 followers. That’s right: $100 will get you one sponsored post from an influencer with 10,000 or so followers. Think about how much it will cost you to promote that post using paid methods.

But there are no set prices because of the many variables involved. Those things are:

  • How much money was spent on finding the influencer and if they were recruited through an agency
  • The time commitment required by the creator/influencer
  • Impact and popularity of the Instagram creator
  • How much additional media (sound, video, and stills) will be required
  • Commissioned Posts and Their Distribution
  • Influence or popularity measured by the size of a creator’s fan base.

Creating a Profitable Business Alliance Paid Instagram Advert

Using Instagram’s paid partnership features, or sponsored posts, will allow you to do the following.

  • Discover untapped markets and emerging styles
  • Use trusted third-party endorsements to boost product sales.
  • Gain access to larger, more active Instagram followings
  • A successful Instagram influencer marketing strategy is essential before you can reap the benefits.

When looking for paid collaborations on Instagram, how do you go about finding them? In just three basic actions.

Establish Your Target Market and Influencer Marketing Goals

The first step towards achieving your goals with a paid partnership and Instagram sponsored posts is to establish those goals. To what end do you wish to employ Influencer Marketing? What Return On Ad Spending (ROAS) Are You Anticipating?

Examples of this are:

  • Promoting brand recognition and expanding customer base
  • Acquiring a sizable following on Instagram.
  • Creating a name for yourself or your company in a specialised market.
  • Creating additional potential customers for your online store.
  • Inspiring customer devotion

Finding the ideal Instagram influencer to promote your web store

Finding an appropriate Instagram influencer to represent your eCommerce brand’s target audience is the next step. You need one that will assist you in achieving your goals within the financial constraints you establish.

This necessitates either employing an influencer marketing agency and third-party platforms like Upfluence, NeoReach, or The Shelf, or conducting research on prospective influences on Instagram itself.

You may also use Facebook’s Brand Collabs Manager to locate influential users of Instagram.