5 Best Practices For Building High Quality Backlinks

5 Best Practices For Building High Quality Backlinks

You may expect to see the standard “How do I create amazing backlinks?” thread in any SEO discussion forum.

The author of the post claims they have exhausted all possible means (free directories, profile links, article submissions, comment spamming, etc.) to acquire high-quality backlinks without success. To no avail, however. Their meagre efforts have yielded no higher rankings, so they beg others to reveal their backlinking strategies in the hopes of finally surpassing their rivals.

Unfortunately, there are no such secrets to be found.

There is no secret sauce, no one-click solution to attracting quality backlinks to your site. Amazing backlinks aren’t built overnight.The homeless forum members would rather not hear that. They want something simple, but making something worthwhile is much more challenging than simply adding a signature to a forum post. That’s why people usually ignore your pleas.

Five Strategies To Build Backlinks

Discover the most popular linking anchors

Finding and studying the link profiles of established authority sites is the first step in acquiring your own share of high-quality inbound links. The logic being that good content attracts links, as site owners feel compelled to share it with their audience. Therefore, in this first stage, you are searching for pages with “lotsa links,” as these pages have already been validated as having content worthy of links.

Follow this procedure to discover which blog posts have received the most inbound links. For the sake of this entire blog post, let’s pretend that Jim’s Pet Shop is an actual online pet store selling a variety of dog toys.

Locate the Linking Parties

Why does knowing “who” matter? This is due to the fact that these site owners have proven their worth as link prospects by linking out to related content (in this case, content about “dog toys”).

If you want to know “who,” you may do so by opening the CSV dashboard we made in the last section, selecting each of the top connecting posts, and then exploring their individual link profiles.

Discover the Motivation Behind the Linking

If you want your material to be linked to, you need to investigate what makes some of it so popular. Let’s take a look at the five featured blog entries above and try to figure out why they’ve gathered over 11,000 links between them.

Here, though, the hints are unmistakable: all of the best-performing articles are about unusual dog toys.

Make the Trap

You need to produce something of equivalent value to the most popular link-worthy posts if you want to get links like them. I’m not suggesting you rip it off, but neither do you have to start from scratch. Sure, you can adapt the idea and make it your own. Make a widget if you think it would be useful. Make a crazy list if that’s what you’re after. Point is, the material that you publish ought to be valuable and intriguing to your target market.

Consider the presumption that readers are interested in information regarding unusual dog toys. You can use this information in a variety of ways to create a powerful content strategy now.

Pimp Your Content

In this step, you’ll start making contact with the site owners, key influencers, and bloggers whose sites appear in the backlink profiles you compiled in step two. You won’t simply come out and ask them to link to your page about X. That’s a bit too blatant and obnoxious. You will instead take a more understated approach by writing to bring their attention to your content and politely asking if they would be willing to “share it” with their audience, as they have done with similar content in the past.


Everything I’ve mentioned in this post requires effort, as I mentioned at the outset. Doing it well is a prerequisite for doing it at all. It’s okay if you don’t feel like doing this or if your heart isn’t in it. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of this task. But after a few more months, don’t complain in the forums about how you’ve built 300 social bookmarking links but are still not on page one of Google and need a magical solution to develop wonderful backlinks without any thinking or effort.

The best-performing websites, then, put in a lot of effort to earn trustworthy backlinks. You need to put up equivalent efforts in content strategy and link marketing if you want to keep up with the competition.