7 Tips To Build A Community On Social Media

7 Tips To Build A Community On Social Media

Communities are a different animal than individual customers.

When your customers join together in groups, you’ve very much got a loyal fan base on your hands.┬áThese are the people who will rave about your company, promote your brand, and purchase all of your newest offerings.

Sounds fascinating, right?

Problem is, it’s not simple to establish a group of people that share common interests and goals. To that end, how about you focus on constructing an active community? It, though, can be considerably more complicated.

The good news is that, with the appropriate approach, you can transform your social media channels into communities where your customers can talk openly about their interactions with your brand.

This essay examines the definitive manual for attracting and retaining active followers on social media.

One, facilitate people’s ability to reach you

Conversations bring people together.

Famous people who shun interviews and fan interaction will inevitably fall behind their peers.

Studies reveal that if there was more personal communication between the company and its customers, 57% of the customers would remain loyal to the company.

It’s not enough to simply have a website anymore if you want to create a genuine community. The alternative is to make the tone of your messaging more like a natural discussion between two people.

Provide Value

Getting people interested isn’t the point when it comes to creating an active community. That’s not planning for the long run.

You shouldn’t use social media to brazenly promote yourself. They will interact with you, however, if you offer them a great deal of value.

Problem-solving is the foundation of value. To rephrase, if you want your tribe to feel like a true community, you need to find solutions to their challenges.

Find out what problems your target audience has by listening in on social media. In order to better assist you, I would like to ask some questions on Facebook. Make use of Instagram’s Q&A feature to learn more about the challenges faced by your community.

You want to find out what people in the community hate so you can provide content that solves their problems.

Talk about the things that are making your life better

Have you recently read a fantastic book that you think might be useful to others in your area? In other words, you should post about it on social media and let people know! Send them a link to your thoughts and the source you used. The same goes for any podcasts you’ve been listening to or videos you’ve been viewing on YouTube.

One of your responses to a question has to be highlighted.
A new social media post that zeroes on on an answer to a particularly key topic from a recent Q&A session is a smart idea. Bring it to everyone’s attention and emphasise it as often as you can so that no one misses out.

3. Give

That the more you give, the more you’ll receive is a belief of mine. Keep in mind that just a small fraction of the population is interested in your brand. In contrast, the more you provide, the more people will care about your brand.

You aren’t here to save the world or even to emulate Mother Teresa, but you should still look for ways to be generous to the people around you. The members of your community are the ones who are volunteering their time by making contributions like blog posts, forum threads, and other helpful contributions.

Hold contests

Sweepstakes and other forms of prize giveaways have been popular ways to get people involved in their communities for ages.

The social media platform makes it simple for any company to host their own promotion. A contest like this can increase participation in your community, bring more attention to your business, and even generate new leads. The quality of your images is more crucial than the actual award because they are what will initially draw in your viewers.

Provide discount coupons to your best workers

In a Facebook group, the most active members are typically the most devoted supporters. They are your most active social media followers. You owe it to them to treat them with the respect they deserve; they’re amazing.

Group Insights may be found on the sidebar to the left of your group’s main page. This is where you can publicly recognise your group’s most dedicated members. Next, go to Member Details.

Engage others in the pursuit of your interest

Whatever it is that drives you, you should follow it. Make it your community’s passion if you want to build an active one on social media.

User-created content is the most straightforward method for accomplishing this.

Customers that create material for you (known as user produced content) become evangelists and micro-influencers for your company. It’s a great strategy for attracting a dedicated following and expanding your reach organically.

In addition, it’s a great way to keep your fans engaged and entertained.

Tell about your story

I’ve already mentioned how few people actually give a hoot about your brand. Yet if you learn to give, people will care about you more.

Sharing your background can also increase their interest in you.

Not discussed so far is the need of getting in touch with your audience on a personal level. If you master this, you will be well on your way to amassing a devoted fan base.


Growing a community doesn’t have to be seen as ‘hard labour’ or something else to be “checked off the list,” as you should have learnt by now.

It’s more of a gesture of love than anything else. You should care deeply about the people you serve and the work you accomplish.

If you learn to care about the people around you, to share with them, to engage them, and to thrill them, your community will repay you a thousand times over.