An Ultimate Guide: Instagram Insights

An Ultimate Guide: Instagram Insights

At the outset of a marketing campaign, you probably don’t want to shell out cash for extra apps. You won’t have to, thankfully. We’ll show you how to use the one and only free Instagram analytics tool there is. Will explain how to access and interpret data in Insights.

Where to Find Instagram Analytics

Instagram Insights provides metrics that may be used to compile a social media report and assess the efficacy of your marketing efforts. However, it’s restricted to the paid Professional tier. Change it from Private to Business or Creator if you have one. Learn here about making the change and establishing your brand’s identity.

Instagram now has an analytics section called Insights.
From your profile page, you can quickly access Instagram Insights.
Instagram’s Insights are accessible via the settings menu.

What Kind of Metrics Are Available in IG Insights?

You may see Instagram Insights from your profile page. The time range for which it is displayed is flexible.

Hide the left-hand menu

Select a time range, 7, 14, 30, 90, or the prior month. Any time frame between 1 and 90 days can be selected. Select the required day by tapping it, or use the arrow keys to move between days.
Three, select the Update button.

Overview of Insights

The first line displays the Instagram Insights metrics that had the largest movement over time. It’s a comparison of two consecutive times of the same length. The displayed metric may change over periods of varying lengths.

Let’s examine the illustrations to learn more about Instagram Insights. Our audience size has grown by about 500% in the past 14 days compared to the prior 14 days. If we narrow the time frame to 30 days, however, Instagram’s growth in subscribers stands out as the most notable change.

Instagram Users Achieved Reach

The number of accounts your message was seen by is displayed in the Reached column. To view further data, tap the tab in Instagram Insights.

The comparison to the prior period can be found under the user count for the time frame in question.

See below for details on:

  • How many of your followers aren’t following you yet (1)?
  • The most widely read genre, please (2).
  • Top Instagram content, including Stories, Reels, IGTV, and Lives.
  • The total number of views (4) of your content.

Conversations About Content

Take a look at the steps below to view Interactions in Instagram Insights. The rate at which users engage with your content. Likes, comments, bookmarks, and shares are all a part of it. You can still see the total amount of likes even if you have them hidden.

Here, Instagram’s data is broken down by content type. Each one also includes a comparison of the corresponding dynamic to that of the preceding time period.

Instagram Followers

More information about your Instagram followers may be seen in the Insights tab. If you have more than 100 followers, you can access the metrics.

To see how many new followers you’ve gained on Instagram throughout the time period, just look at the number at the top of the page. The statistics, showing the rise or reduction in the number of followers during a specified time frame, are displayed below.
After that, you’ll see the total number of subscribers and dropouts for that time frame. This infographic displays daily Instagram metrics. When you select a date, the corresponding lottery numbers for that day will be displayed. To see the totals for the entire time period again, tap the cross that appears next to the date.
Insights about the people that follow you on Instagram can be found down below. The peak activity metrics vary by region, gender, age range, and time of day. All of your followers, not just the ones that joined during the selected time period, are included in this analysis.

What You Posted

This area of Your Shared Content is broken down by category. Recent media uploads will be displayed in each.

To access the page for categorising content, select the desired kind and number of items. You can use different metrics for different content types.

Select View Insights when viewing an Instagram post, Story, Reel, or IGTV. You may access the information about Lives by tapping them on the Content You Shared page. All of the metrics for a selected publication will be displayed in the Insights.

You can discover where people viewed your Instagram posts by looking at an additional metric in the app’s Insights section. When individuals stop watching your Instagram video can also be determined by using an IGTV measure.
Publications published to your profile during the last two years will have their Instagram Insights accessible from the Content You Shared page. If you use a time filter to hide previously-published articles, it becomes much simpler to read the most recent ones. The Insights for your Instagram articles span the entire time they’ve been published, regardless of the time range you select.

Promoting Your Instagram Account With Insights

You’ve now learned the correct path to Insights on Instagram. So, let’s figure out what it means. First, settle on a time frame.

It makes sense to look at the last 7 or 14 days if you update your profile with new photographs and videos every day.
If it happens infrequently, look over the last 30 or 90 days.
Several Instagram Insights indices for evaluating account promotion are outlined below. A higher index is preferable. Start by contrasting your indices with any you were able to compute for earlier time periods.

Effects on the Audience

Avoid getting overly excited about an increase in your fan base. Perhaps some of them are just robots. You need to get rid of them. Here, we explain why it’s important and how to implement it. In addition, the engagement from your audience, whether during or after viewing, sends a negative signal to the algorithms. Promotion won’t help if you have a tiny following and great content.