7 Creative Ways To Use Carousels On Instagram

7 Creative Ways To Use Carousels On Instagram

Instagram’s carousel function first appeared on the platform in 2015. To put it simply, a carousel on Instagram is a presentation of photos within a single post.

You can increase interaction with your Instagram followers and add visual interest to your grid by using carousels.

We’ll be talking about some unique use for Instagram carousel posts today.

Posts on a Carousel

You may now share numerous photos from your Instagram account in a single “carousel” post. This allows you to submit several graphics and photos related to your business or product without overwhelming your grid. More information may be shared with Instagram followers in a single update.

The majority of Instagram users have noticed that carousel posts receive more likes and comments than other types of posts. This is due to the fact that the post will appear many times in your followers’ Instagram feeds.

If viewers ignore your post the first time they see it, you’ll get a second chance to grab their attention when they revisit their feed and see the next image in your carousel.

Instagram Carousel: 7 Ways to Make the Most of It

Instagram carousels are a terrific way to increase interaction and give your followers access to additional material, but it may be challenging to think of new and interesting things to showcase.

Here are some interesting ideas for generating fresh, engaging material for your next Instagram carousel.

Showcase several angles of a product

With Instagram’s carousel function, you can show off different viewpoints and perspectives of a new product in a single post. Particularly helpful for apparel carousel advertisements, as a single image often fails to give followers a decent idea of the goods.

You may display pictures of actual customers or influential people using the product.

Keep in mind that 75% of buyers use images to help them decide whether or not to buy a product, so don’t be shy about sharing them.

It is recommended that the initial photograph offer the most comprehensive representation of the product possible.

Divide a Big Space into Three Smaller Ones

Instagram carousels may be used to visually divide a landscape photo in half. When your audience moves on to the next photo in the carousel, it won’t break the illusion that the previous photo was still visible.

You’ll need a picture with a ratio of 2:1 to create this one-of-a-kind effect. An image splitter is then required to be applied to the picture.

Make a CYOA (reader-directed interactive tale)

Instagram carousel posts are a great way to give your fans a taste of what more you have to offer. Slides can be treated independently.

If you offer packing materials or moving boxes, for instance, you may tailor your suggestions for what can be stored in each box size.

Present a Before and After Example

Your Instagram followers may instantly evaluate the before and after photographs you upload by swiping through the images in a carousel post.

You may also use it to display a large sequence of photographs in chronological order. A carousel is a great tool to demonstrate the progression of a project, such as when showcasing the work of an interior design firm.

Include outtakes with the final image you post

Use a carousel to show off some behind-the-scenes action in addition to the polished commercial photo for added authenticity and character. After all, 86% of shoppers say genuineness is crucial to their brand choices.

Keep your grid looking sharp by using the last image as the cover photo, and use the succeeding slides to introduce the humorous aspect of your company.

Discuss Critiques

Reviews and testimonials look well on carousels, too. 95% of consumers check reviews before making a purchase, so compile your most glowing testimonials in one place.

You may now display ten photographs per carousel on Fanbooster, allowing you to showcase several testimonials simultaneously.

Group Related Material Together

A carousel is a convenient way to share numerous Instagram photographs in one post, which is useful if you just hosted an event or have several shots from the same session. This is a more permanent option to posting images from an event on Instagram Stories.