How To Boost Your Website Traffic – The Solution From Google Analytics

Create powerful PBN links to your website

Perfection in your website performance arises if regular tracking occurs. But how to track your website traffic? Here is the solution! Use the Google Analytics tool, which is entirely free to use. Google Analytics helps to find your visitor’s data, the average time spent on your site, and the number of pages the visitors viewed on your site.

When you know the information of users visiting your page, you can make the perfect decision to grow your website traffic in the right way. Measure the traffic of your landing pages, online store, mail, etc., with Google Analytics. 

Before tracking your site metrics, understand the baseline of website metrics to optimize your site.

Here are some tips to boost your website traffic with GA.

#1. Link Your Website With GA

Wondering how to view your website traffic through the Google Analytics tool? Actually, it is quite simple! Open your Google Analytics page by signing up with your mail address. On the bottom left, there is an Admin tab with three columns. Select the tracking info in the middle tab and provide the HTML code of your website page. After providing your website details, refresh your page and find the traffic data.

#2. Get Report From Email

Email reporting from the Google Analytics tool is a simple way to dig your website data in less time. Do you know the ways to set up your email report through Google Analytics? Here is the solution! Login to your GA account and move on to the Admin section. Go to the view section and choose “All Website Data”. Under that, enable the alert condition to receive the email alerts. Getting data through mail saves tons of time in analyzing the insights manually.

#3. Improve Paths To Your Site

Generally, the homepage is the focal point to improve your website traffic. The homepage provides a way to connect with your inner pages. There are several other techniques to improve the pathway to your site. Yes, it is possible to create powerful PBN links to your website that boosts your website traffic and adds authority. When more visitors tap onto your site, huge organic traffic lands on your site, thus enhancing its popularity. Remember to provide long-tail keywords to generate quality traffic.

#4. Boost Search Performance

Do you want to find the terms that generate traffic to your website? Make it possible from the queries report on your Google Analytics report. Most visitors tap onto the websites available only on the first page of search results. To get your website on the first page, find the data by moving on to Acquisition -> Search Console. Find the keyword performance that boosts your ranking and optimize it.

#5. Interlink With Popular Content

Find your landing page that people tap on the search result. Some people will leave directly from your site without entering your inner page. So, track the average time spent on the landing page from Google Analytics. If your website has low sending time, optimize your website with interlinking. If the inter-linking increases, the search traffic becomes higher. 

#6. Scale-Up ROI With Bounce Rate

An important metric to boost your audience engagement is the bounce rate. Measuring the bounce rate your site routes to take the important decisions. What is the bounce rate? It is the average page visit by a user who taps onto multiple pages on their single visit. Having a lower bounce rate is better to optimize your site. Know the bounce rate of individual pages by selecting Behavior -> Site content -> Landing page and get the metric.

Final Thoughts

Google Analytics is an excellent way to discover the perfect data to boost your organic traffic and ranking on the search results. Leverage compelling content to attract quality leads and grow your ROI with a higher page ranking. Use the above ways to find the website metrics through Google Analytics.

5 Best TikTok SEO Tips To Optimize Your Content In 2022

Among the influential social media platforms, TikTok offers tremendous opportunities for brands, content creators, and influencers to leverage marketing strategies. There are around one billion monthly active users, which helps to increase your content visibility on TikTok. To shine your content in front of millions of audiences, you need to optimize your content by implementing SEO strategies to boost your visibility.

Before getting into the SEO tips, let us know how TikTok users find videos and popular content to engage audiences within your account. Get into the best SEO tactics to optimize your TikTok videos with engaging content.

#1. Prepare A Hashtag Strategy

Before TikTok, social media marketers used the power of hashtags on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Now TikTok also joined the category to reach target audiences by utilizing the benefits of hashtags. Coming to TikTok SEO, the hashtags remain the engaging tool to push your content among the group who shows interest in your niche.

There are some strategies to use the right hashtags for your content. Choosing hashtags also depends on how long you are on TikTok. If you are new to TikTok, it is efficient to use a long form of hashtags where the competition will be less. Dropping your content with the correct hashtag drives your content among millions of followers. Though using  hashtags boosts your visibility, you should also try various methods to level up your TikTok views count and get a space on the huge platform spreading  your content among the right target audiences

For famous TikTokers, it is essential to track the performance of hashtags and decide whether to use the same hashtag for future videos or to change it.

#2. Use TikTok Analytics

TikTok offers the Pro account for regular users to get access to an inbuilt analytics tool for tracking your audience insights. Switching to the Pro account helps you to find out the activities of target users on your TikTok account. Though there are many software tools to find out the audience performance, TikTok’s Pro account helps to get accurate metrics in the below four categories:

Grab the in-depth information regarding,

  • Your follower’s behavior
  • Engagement rate on each published videos
  • Your Profile metrics
  • The active time of your target audiences.

With the help of this info, you can easily plan your future videos based on the right SEO strategy to engage audiences on your TikTok profile. Therefore, track your audience’s performance with the analytics tool on the TikTok pro account and enhance your content reach.

#3. Create Content In Your Own Style

The best way to get your audience’s attention is to prepare unique content with less competition that helps to dominate your TikTok search results. Since most engagements on TikTok are from young audiences, it is good to create an SEO content strategy to attract those teenagers to your account. But use your creative idea with a unique style to grab your target audiences. Though you can’t create your original content, spin the high-ranking content of a famous contributor in your own unique style to increase interest in your TikTok content.

Moreover, maintaining authenticity on TikTok is good, but it doesn’t mean there always has to be a new concept. Instead, you can recreate the relevant content of famous contributors to increase engagement.

#4. Prepare User Funnels With TikTok

Though TikTok came into existence only a few years back, businesses successfully market their products or services by directing their target users. Thus, TikTok provides the right material for brands and creators in different categories that help their content to work well among target audiences. The TikTok analytics feature provides an excellent opportunity for everyone to create the right content that works well among the target audiences. 

With the audience metrics, you can create content by aligning the right strategy with your TikTok account and improving the video rank. Therefore, build your sales with the actual user information and cut your advertisement cost with the right SEO strategy.

Wrapping Up

TikTok is still an engaging social media platform with the best strategies to optimize your content. With the above SEO strategies, drive your content to increase popularity and expand your reach worldwide. Spend your time creating the perfect SEO plan to market your content among millions of target audiences. 

5 Awesome Instagram Reels Ideas To Grow Your Business

Instagram Reels

With 1 billion monthly active users, Instagram is the most trending social media platform. Many businesses and marketers have a huge opportunity on Instagram to globalise their brand reach and attract new followers. Instagram has become the most popular platform among all the social websites and networks because of its business feature. 

And now, with the amazing reels feature, businesses have a high chance to increase their brand growth through video marketing. But if you are wondering how to share Instagram reels as a small business, you are in the right place. In this post, I’m happy to share five awesome reel ideas to grow your small business to a higher level. 

#1. Introduce Yourself

One of the brilliant Instagram reel ideas is introducing yourself to your potential audience. Simply tell me about yourself and mention your location and age. As a business, you can talk about your brand and tell the uses of your product or services. 

Introducing yourself to the audience will help you to attract new followers, extend the business reach and build more trust. So, take a short introductory video, add effects and filters to make it look perfect, and share it on Instagram reels. 

#2. Share Behind The Scenes

As a business, pulling back the curtain and showing behind the scenes will help you to get more likes and views on Instagram reels. Or you can find where to get Instagram reels likes to boost engagement instantly and to take your business to the next level. 

No matter your business type, take a short video of product making and share it on Instagram reels to increase your business exposure and reach. Additionally, sharing behind the scene(BTS) videos is a powerful tool to build trust with your target audience. 

#3. Share Tutorials

You can share how-to videos regularly to draw user attention and grow a new audience. Sharing tutorial videos is an excellent way to attract a target audience and expand your business reach. 

Note a list of ideas in your mind, and create a reel video to show people how to use your product or services. Also, don’t forget to add relevant hashtags to expand your business reach and awareness. 

#4. Post Before And After Videos

One of the most powerful Instagram reel ideas is to share before and after videos. Post before and after videos of your brands and boost your followers to buy your product or services. 

Many businesses are posting this type of video, and they are getting 65% of more engagement. As a small business, you use this video idea to attract many new followers and convert them to your customers. 

#5. Follow The Latest Trends 

The easiest way to improve your brand engagement on Instagram is by following the trends on the platform. Participate in the challenges on Instagram reels to expand your business reach among a wider audience. 

When you scroll Instagram reels for 5 minutes, you can find trending sounds or songs on the platform. Create unique content with the same sound to attract many followers to your Instagram profile and boost engagement levels. 

#6. Answer An FAQ

If you read your comments and direct message on Instagram reels, you will find some common questions your audience asks. It will take more time to answer all those questions one by one. 

So you can take a 15-second short video to answer all those frequently asked questions. It is one of the perfect ways to build a strong connection with your potential audience and boost them to connect with you regularly. 

Bottom Line

Using Instagram reels for your business will help you to grow your brand on Instagram more than feed posts and IG stories. Because people not following your account can also watch your Instagram reels. So if you post Instagram reels consistently, you will get a huge audience to your Instagram profile. So In this article, you will find awesome reel ideas to promote your business and generate more sales and traffic to your business.